Strange ranger in a faraway land.


Race: Fianhan Elf
Class: Ranger 3
Gender: Female
Age: 59 (appears 20)


Str: Con: Dex: Wis: Int: Cha:
16(+2) 12(+1) 18(+4) 14(+2) 10(+0) 8(-1)
Init: HP: Rec: AC: PD: MD:
+7 40 3d8+1 18 16 13

Melee: +7 longsword 3d6 +4 (double ranged attack; single attack is 3d8 +4)
Ranged: +7 longbow 3d8 +4

One Unique Thing:

Can talk to tree spirits.


Order of the Treetalkers +5
Princess of Fianha +3

Icon Relationships:

High Druid (friendly) +2
Elf Empress (complicated) +1


Class Talents:
Double Ranged Attack. You fire two arrows at once. If your first roll is a natural even (hit or miss), make a second attack. Damage for both attacks is one die smaller.

Archery. Once per battle, reroll one of your missed ranged attacks.

Ranger’s Pet. You have an intelligent squirrel with these abilities:

  • Alert, Maybe Even Insightful: You gain a +2 bonus to your Wisdom skill checks.
  • Scout: Once per day, your familiar can separate itself from you and make a reconnaissance run of an area or location, and it may even manage that feat unseen (easy skill check for the environment to get your familiar to scout unseen).

Your Archery rerolls gain a +2 attack bonus and the attack’s crit range expands by +1.


Youngest daughter of the Queen of Fianha. Wife of the current Marchion (son of the late Marchioness). Born in a faraway land and married off as a political alliance. She’s not an heir of Trollkeep, but her children will be.


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