13th Age

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13th Age is an amazing fantasy role-playing game by Fire Opal Media, published by Pelgrane Press.

About the game

The game is a “love letter to D&D,” written by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo, of 3E and 4E fame, respectively. The game is familiar enough to D&D players, with the standard six abilities, the usual races, and the usual classes. However, it find a sweet spot between Old School gaming and the crunchy 3E play, with the best ideas from 4E without the focus on tactical combat. It’s a character-heavy game, granting power and authority to players to tailor their characters the way they like. Every character is made awesome by his or her “One Unique Thing,” which sets the character apart from everyone else in the party, if not the whole campaign world. Combat is fast but crunchy enough to be interesting.

The 13th Age RPG is not yet available. However, you can pre-order it and get a text-only PDF immediately.

Playing without 13th Age

If you want to use Difinia for your own campaigns, please do! You don’t have to use 13th Age to play it. I’m sure it’d play just fine with OSR games or 3E or Pathfinder.

13th Age

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