In ages long past, the good races of the world were faced with a tough situation. The deities they cherished were seriously threatened by sinister demons that had discovered how to end immortal beings. To protect their gods and goddesses, the people closed the gates between earth and heaven, forever locking themselves apart from their deities but also trapping the demons on the earth. For centuries they waged a war against the forces of evil, losing badly for ages, before finally triumphing. The world has not solved the last of the problems caused by closing the gates, but it faces no existential threats and life can be good, though people still yearn for their gods.

This is the world of Difinia. More about the setting below the map.

Welcome to Difinia, the world locked away from the gods! This is a setting that’s still “cooking,” so be patient while I develop the material. Of course, a FRPG setting is never complete, but I’ll remove this caveat when I feel that there’s enough material here to play.

Difinia is a setting for the 13th Age game, but you can adapt it easily for other fantasy games. It combines elements of classic fantasy, cyberpunk, and a touch of science fantasy. I generally prefer gritty fantasy settings, but Difinia offers some unique and pretty weird ideas, if that’s your thing.

The unique

Difinia has no deities. Rather, deities used to meddle with earthly affairs, but the good races of the world closed the barrier between heaven and earth to block a demonic force that was poised to destroy every god and goddess. The lack of gods unleashed all kinds of strange consequences:

  • Clerics now rely on their temple, not their deities, for spells.
  • Upon death, a person’s spirit has no place to go, so it wanders the world and is subject to capture and subjugation by certain kinds of magic-users.

Magic comes from two main sources: spirit binding and elemental energy. If you want to learn a wizard spell, you find the right spirit, invite it into your head, and hope it doesn’t make you insane. Elementals are a kind of “world spirit” that the gods had subjugated to their needs but now their chains are breaking.

The weird

Difinia is a small moon orbiting a gas giant planet. There are other colorful moons in the sky. Most of the light of day comes from the reflection off the super-sized planet.

The Formia are a race of giant, borg-like ants that “merge” with the bipedal races by grafting ant body parts together with people’s parts. They all can talk to one another on a sort of internal, telepathic network, and they take orders through a strict hierarchy, from the Formian Queen on down.

Gargoyles are a race of living statues. Kantor, a minor god of sculpting, didn’t get locked out of the earth. To preserve himself, however, he was forced to divide his essence into thousands of pieces and hide them in statues. These statues have begun to come to life.

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