Difinia is a one of several small moons that orbit a large, ringed gas giant planet like Saturn but larger like Jupiter.

Cora, the gas giant

Difinia and the other moons orbit Cora, which is a gas giant planet like Saturn, but brighter yellow in color. It is ringed with faint pink and yellow and cyan ribbons.

It orbits a star, Ost, that is probably at about the same orbital distance as Mars is to the Sun. Ost shines a good deal of light on Difinia by day, but Cora reflects a dim yellow light across the world at “night,” too. True darkness is less common on Difinia than on Earth, and seems more random (though it’s entirely predictable).

Ost is connected to the elemental energy of light.


The world of Difinia is actually a moon about half the diameter of the Earth, or roughly 13,000 miles in circumference. Difinia’s core is probably far denser than Earth’s, so it manages to have 85% of Earth’s mass. It has an Earthlike atmosphere, a lot of ocean (not shown on the main map), and icy north and south poles. The central area of the setting map is in the middle of the single, large continent on the moon.

As explained above, it has strange periods of full light, partial light, and darkness, depending on the rotation of the moon toward its sun (Ost) and its mother planet (Cora).

Other moons

Afinia is Difinia’s sister moon. It’s about the same size, but is mottled brown and white in color. It is often nearby, large in the sky.

There are four moons called the “elemental moons.” They’re much smaller and because of widely changing distances between them and Difinia, can appear as faint dots or large discs in the sky. Sehune, the “water drop,” is a deep blue disc in the sky. Muralas, the “fire opal,” is bright red. Gavuul, the “rock ball,” is dark brown. Taya, the “wind spirit,” is a gassy white-blue color.


A large, dark disc named Sineva occasionally crosses in front of the sun. When it does, it is always about half the diameter of Ost. Wizards have determined that the disc is very far away, but they do not know exactly what it is. It is strongly tied to the elemental energy of darkness.

Other planets

Besides Cora, there are other “wandering” planets in the sky. Wizards have identified at least five other sky objects that move erratically and not with the stars. Their cosmological and magical influences are subject to great debate.


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