Of the intelligent races on Difinia, most are bipedal (human, demihuman, humanoid—whatever you want to call them). A couple are not.

Numerous bipedal races live on Difinia. By far the most numerous people are Human, with Elves following in distant second. Dwarves are rare, living in certain mountainous pockets of the world. Of course, there are small kingdoms of Goblins and Orcs, and some skittish tribes of Gnolls here and there. The rarest bipedal “race”—and only time will tell if they’re truly a race, for they only recently appeared—are the Gargoyles: statues that have come to life.

Of the intelligent races that are not bipedal, the Formians are the most notable. They are a race of giant ants, most of which are not actually sentient in the usual sense. They are led by a queen who is certainly intelligent. She grafts the body parts of her giant ants together with other races to interface better (and gruesomely) with the other races. They have some large colonies in several places across the continent, but they all answer to the Ant Queen.

Demons still exist on Difinia, though they’re too rare to be considered as a race. Most live in hiding, occasionally interacting with cults, usually through trusted intermediaries. They’re the most reviled (and hunted) creatures on Difinia.

Spirits are all over the place in this setting. Over time, they go insane or their intelligence fades (or it is consumed by certain parasitic predators that feed on spirits). Some spirits have particularly strong wills, and they possess other creatures fully or partially and work through them. This is a fairly well-known fact in Difinia, and different cultures and individuals have different attitudes about spirit possession.

(See also Races for 13th Age for more details.)


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