Races for 13th Age

These are details for play in 13th Age.

When you choose your race, you will choose a major race type, and then often will choose a sub-race under that. For example, if you want to play an Elf, you have to choose among several types. The same goes for Humans.

Races available as player characters

Choose one of the major race types from this list:

In the future, there may be some options related to elemental fire, water, earth, and air.

Races you won’t find here

Half-Elves and Half-Orcs. What does that even mean? So one of your parents got his chocolate in her peanut butter. Play an Elf or Orc or Human and play up some of the other race’s qualities. All races except Formians interbreed, so you can be half-Dwarf, quarter-Elf, and quarter-Gnoll if you want. Just pick one for your mechanics. If you want a typical half-human, half-elf combo, look at the Cyresian culture, which are basically a thousand-year mix of elven and human culture and race.

Gnomes and Halflings. If you want to play a little guy, play a Dwarf. There’s a lot of variation among Dwarves, and it may satisfy whatever you want out of playing a gnome or halfling.

Dragonborn. Dragons are fairly stupid, fairly tame, furry animals on Difinia. They’re sort of like dogs. There aren’t any intelligent dragon-humanoid races.

Warforged. If you want to play a big statue-like brute made of stone, wondering at your purpose, play a Gargoyles. A big, tall one.

Aasimar and Tieflings. Bladelings, too. These are the angel-like and devil-like races from D&D 4E. If you want angel or demon blood in your lineage, check out the Demontouched and Angeltouched options, or make it your One Unique Thing).

Drow, Eladrin, and other weird elves. There are a variety of Elves in Difinia. Hopefully one of those will suit your fancy. Like dark elves? Play a Deepfey or a Demontouched Elf. Eladrin are just jumpy high elves, so look at the Elf options.

Thri-Kreen. Instead of a Dark Sun mantis-warrior, try out the Difinian Anttaur.

Changelings, Shifters, and Hengeyokai. Like shapechangers? Check out the Spirit race: possess whomever you like! No actual shapeshifters, though.

Catpeople and Kenku and other bipedal animal races. Sorry.

Githzerai, Shardmind, Hamadryad, and other D&D 4E weirdness. Not in this setting.

Kalashtar. No psionics on Difinia.

Shades, Revenants, Vampires, and other undead. Play a Spirit and possess a dead body if that’s your thing. Don’t be surprised if it freaks people out.

Races for 13th Age

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